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  • How do you choose who gets money for lessons?
    There can be a combination of things that determine which students or groups receive the extra instruction. We want to help as many young musicians as possible! Help spread the word about our work on social media..the more interest is generated for the Gift of Music Foundation and the more donations we receive, the more music education we can provide!
  • How do I apply or nominate a student, section, or band program?"
    Whether you are a parent, a director, or just someone in the community that loves music and shares our mission, use the APPLY! page on this site or use social media to let us know about your local band, choir, or orchestra! (Tag us with @donatelessons) Music students are some of the best kids in the school, and sharing good news about what they are doing on social media is much better than some of the other news that gets shared every day, and a great opportunity to tag @donatelessons so we can know about it! As more likes, shares, and donations are made in the student, section, or ensemble's name, we can work with the local director to help arrange private instruction, master classes, or even band camp scholarships!
  • Who was the first student to benefit?
    The first recipient was Mitchell, a young trumpeter from Malvern, Arkansas. At the time, we awarded a "First Chair Scholarship" in association with the book "How to Make First Chair". This first award was the inspiration for wanting to help provide music education to as many students as possible!
  • How much do private lessons cost?
    This question has a very wide range of answers. "It depends" is the best depends on what city the student or the teacher may be in and if the Gift of Music Foundation need to cover travel expenses. The instruction could even be "Skype lessons" nowadays and that might be a different cost. It depends if the lesson is 30 minutes or an hour (or even an all day lesson). It depends on what instrument the student plays. It depends on the level of instructor that is teaching (fine college-aged music majors can be excellent private lesson teachers, and they may have a rate different than that of a college professor or seasoned professional). These are some of the things that the staff at the Gift of Music spend time navigating and negotiating.
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